Fake News

My favorite tweet in response to the recent Donald Trump claim that California simply needs to spend money to “rake the forest floors” to prevent forest fires was:

“Rake News”

American Horror Story Season Two

Okay, I suppose it’s not embarrassing to say I’m fascinated by Season Two of American Horror Story. A few of the actors returned from Season One, as entirely new characters, in a different story, and it’s not just a creepy ghost story like Season One was. No, this one features a conspiracy to hide a former Nazi doctor who experimented on Auschwitz prisoners, aliens, abusive Catholic Nuns, demon possessed people, and a few “innocent” folks who got stuck in a mental hospital.

I told my wife this morning, you really know it’s a creepy story line, when you decide watch another episode of Dexter Season 7, just to “lighten the mood” a little. I mean, Dexter is bizarre, but not as whacked out as AHS:S2. Wow!

US Has Killed Half Million and Spent $6 Trillion on War Since 9/11 – Report

If you divide 5.9 trillion dollars by 500,000 deaths, it cost US tax payers the low low rate of only 11.8 million dollars per person we killed. What a great bargain. Think about those numbers for a little while.

What if, instead of spending all that money on pointless war, they had simply gifted half of that 5.9 trillion dollars, distributed evenly, to the roughly 300,000 US citizens, we’d ALL be multi-millionaires, and there would be no more homeless crisis, no unaffordable health care problem, no poor people anymore.

And was that 5.9 trillion dollars spent on something that solved any problems? Do the terrorists fear us yet? Have we stopped anyone from hating us that much? No. If anything, things are far worse. Now our former allies hate and distrust us.

In the aftermath of the deadly 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US has spent over $5.9 trillion on wars abroad that have resulted in the deaths of an estimated 500,000 people, according to Costs of War, research published by the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Rhode Island’s Brown University.

Source: US Has Killed Half Million and Spent $6 Trillion on War Since 9/11 – Report

American Horror Story – Season 1

Just finished watching season one of “American Horror Story” on Netflix. Such an AWESOME creepy, scary story. I’m not normally attracted to scary shows, I usually find them to be derivative, but this whole thing was really well done.

There are a total of seven seasons on Netflix, each season tells a new story. I’m totally ready to dig into season two right now, but I just wanted to say right now, if you like ghost stories, if you like mysteries, if you can stand those genres, this is a really enjoyable show to watch. If you aren’t hooked after two episodes, just move on. But I suspect you will enjoy it like I did.

I was mostly blown away by the final two episodes, which were a kind of sequel to the main storyline. The central characters of the season were already dead, so I totally expected like 15 minutes of sequel action, to show how the house keeps consuming victims in an evil way. But it didn’t end the way I expected at all. I am very impressed with the writing. 5 of 5 stars.

So, buckle up, here comes season two!