Boasting about how many hours you work is a sign of failure

I agree, wholeheartedly. Anyone who dedicates their life for their employer is a failure at life. Work/Life balance is much more important. If your job doesn’t give you the opportunity to grow, to improve your life and the life of others, it’s not a good job, it only exists to suck your life force. Companies don’t benefit from selfless dedication from their employees, only the shareholders do, and only temporarily. The best jobs are those that benefit their employees, support their growth, and plan to survive for decades. Short term growth is simply short sighted, which explains our current climate crisis.

Whereas Charles Darwin changed the world working for four hours a day, Elon Musk hasn’t managed to change the world just yet.

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Beep Central

The worst thing about stopping at a McDonald’s, even worse than the food, is the noise pollution. 100% of the time there is at least one machine in the kitchen area beeping and being ignored.

I hate that. I imagine the workers have all gone noise-blind, don’t even notice it anymore.

It reminds me of all the false or misconfigured alerts we get at work. Endless noise we have to sort thru just to find the few that are reporting actual important problems.

My boss will tell you he believes in “no inactionable alerts” and in the next breath justify why we setup application alerts on new servers the day they’re built, long before the app is installed, instead of closer to their go-live dates. Also, at least 70% of our documentation is left empty, particularly when it comes to listing the actions our team is expected to perform when an alert goes off.

American Horror Story: Coven

I’ve finally reached the end of Season 3 of American Horror Story on Netflix. I do admit, it was much easier to binge watch than the 1960’s mental hospital story that was Season 2. Probably because it was much easier to suspend disbelief. The 1960s version of mental hospital commitments just seemed like it was too easy, too obvious, too scary to tolerate. Back then, people could get locked up with no obvious recourse, women especially seemed to be at the risk of the whims of their all-powerful husbands,

I sure hope mental commitments these days are subject to a much more fair assessment, but in this scary environment we all live in, I can never be assured. All it takes is a powerful Doctor, or powerful person to get anyone removed from society, committed to an asylum. There seems like there is no potential recourse. Not really. We all rely on a fair society, which doesn’t exist anymore. Especially since it’s the media’s job to blame every act of violence on someone, even if they are mentally ill. And the label of “mentally ill” is assumed to encompass all sorts of bad behaviors. Anyone who suffers from any sort of mental illness tends to be labeled with the same stigman as violent offenders.

The Dangerous Junk Science of Vocal Risk Assessment

As someone currently interviewing for a new job, this totally terrifies me. There is no proof their machine’s logic actually works, that it’s doing a better job than human interviewers, but in this day and age, it’s a lot easier to allow a machine to do their dirty work.

I used to use a tactic of asking about an interviewee’s personal use of computers, podcasts, magazines, media in general. I reasoned that people who liked to learn, people like me, people driven to understand how new technology worked, are way more valuable than those who don’t. But that turns out to be a very limited viewpoint. Not everyone useful is a great employee. You can’t just turn down everyone who isn’t the best. There aren’t that many great potential employees out there. You need a mix of talent.

Some people better at communicating, and others are better at technical skills. Both are valuable. A good team has a mix. So this mechanical solution just seems inadequate, at best, and irresponsible, at worst. But that seems to be the society we’re headed towards. China has their national social media database to rank who’s a loyal, trustworthy citizen, so the USA has to develop their own.

AC Global Risk claims to be able to determine your level of “risk” as an employee or an asylum-seeker based not on what you say, but how you say it.

Source: The Dangerous Junk Science of Vocal Risk Assessment

The Story of Lenny, the Internet’s Favorite Telemarketing Troll – Motherboard

I know next to nothing about running an Asterisk VOIP server on my own computer, but after reading this story, it really makes me want to learn more

Lenny is a decade-old chatbot designed to troll telemarketers that has developed a cult following online. It’s remarkably convincing, but is it actually effective?

Source: The Story of Lenny, the Internet’s Favorite Telemarketing Troll – Motherboard