Wearable computing

We’ve all heard how wearable computing is going to change our lives some day.  My foray into the genre is my Pebble smartwatch .  The Pebble was a kickstarter project I backed, and I chose the red version, which took longer to produce for some reasons.  Backed it in summer 2012, got mine at the end of May 2013.

The Pebble relays all front panel and lock screen notifications to the watch.  You can scroll through them, it vibrates to alert you to the message, so you don’t miss messages because the alert went off while your phone was in your pocket.

I have to charge the Pebble overnight about once a week.  I find this device very useful, and highly recommend it, even at the price of $150.  I haven’t worn a wristwatch for years, but it came back to me very naturally and I have no complaints.  I even like the default rubber watch band that came with it, although you can change that if you prefer another.

Maybe some future wearable will be the be-all end-all version everyone wants, but the Pebble has convinced me to wear a wrist watch again, and I feel it improves my iPhone experience, by eliminating the need to pull out my phone for every alert.  SMS messages, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, any messaging system that alerts your Notification Center can be directed to your Pebble.  So cool.