Broadcast TV ROCKS!

I bought a Leaf Ultimate indoor digital antenna, and it’s awesome.  I get over 40 channels here in the Atlanta area.  Including METV, which is important because I enjoy SvenGhoolie and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.

I’m thinking about cancelling cable TV.  Not cable Internet, because DSL sucks and fiber is unavailable in this area.  I’m a big fan of the show CordKillers, which encourages challenging your cable company to either cancel your tv service, or reduce your rates.  They high encourage everyone to threaten to quit, and find out how screwed up the cable companies charges are.  It’s actually more expensive to ONLY subscribe to cable internet.  No different equipment, but they slap on a $45 charge, because you refuse to subscribe to television service.  Unfair, and it ought to be illegal.  I fully intend to write someone.

We’ll see if I actually take the “chicken challenge”.  I’ll reply if I do.