Amazing Trip

This past week, I returned from an epic 12 day trip to Texas.  I rode my Goldwing from Alpharetta, GA to Wichita Falls, TX, so I could spend 6 glorious days with my girlfriend Kim. She took time off work and we took a bike ride about an hour north, to Medicine Park Oklahoma, where we rented a sweet little cabin on a country road.  We ate and shopped in the nearby touristy town, rode out to the restaurant everyone says you have to eat at, Meers and built a week’s worth of awesome memories.

Kim had never ridden a bike long distance before, just a little around WF, so this was a trip of firsts.  On the trip North, she was more nervous than on the way back.  Heading up there she held onto the built-in hand grips like she was gonna fly off.  On the way back, she was using the arm rests, playing with my back, hugging me, much more relaxed.

The landscape up there is the Wichita Mountains, which are rocky, lots of green scrub brush and trees, and the occasional creek or body of water.  We saw huge wind farms up higher along the mountain ridge, stretched out for miles.

The bike performed flawlessly.  Never a hiccup or issue.  The nav system is very cool, and the XM Weather Alerts work great for figuring out when to don the rain suit in time.  The XM Traffic Alerts seem fairly useless for highway riding, maybe it’s intended for people commuting in town traffic or something.  On the highway, all you get is “Traffic alert – one minute delay”  Uhhhh, gee, thanks.