Jitter, Journey and Jinx




Say hello to my newest kittens.  Yes, I just expanded my pounce from 3 to 6, in one fell swoop.  These three are siblings, one white fluffy boy, two orange girls (one short hair, one fluffy).

Here’s Jitter:




And here is Journey:



And lastly, but certainly not least, my new buddy boy, Jinx:




They are currently isolated in the spare bedroom, but I’ve been take naps and sleeping with them every other night, so they get used to me and the CPAP machine.  So far they are awesomely happy and playful.

Journey and Jitter would be identical, if their fur weren’t different lengths.  Journey’s name came from my girlfriend, as her addition to the adoption was very last minute.  She warmed up to me very quickly, as did Jinx.  Jitter took a couple days before she’d approach me and purr when I petted her.

The older cats have seen all the kittens, but seem to be in complete denial that they are staying.  They just stare, then give me that look, like, “What?  Are you nuts?  More kittens?” You know the look, you made the same face just a few minutes ago, when you started reading this blog post, right?

I have been posting videos of them playing on FaceBook, if you’re interested.