A Whole New Year

I haven’t been posting here, because I’ve been otherwise occupied for the past six months.  It started out as two friends getting together for some fun, but escalated quickly, and Kim became my girlfriend.  Since then, we’ve been together for a few days up to a week, in TX, UT, TX again, GA, NV.   Soon she’s going to be moving in with me, bringing her sweet little dog Ellie, her sense of humor, her cooking and organizing skills, and a well needed hug every night after work. She loves the cats, and they seem fond of her too.

Kim is looking for work here in north central Georgia, of a few different types – writer, admin asst, temporary office worker, etc..  I’m investing in a car for her to drive when she gets here, which will have to live outside in the driveway, due to the motorcycles in the garage.  The garage isn’t big enough for two cars and two bikes at the same time.  Anyway, Kim is used to that anyway, so I’m trying to make sure it doesn’t have black interior, because the sun will make that horrible here in Georgia.  Wish us luck.