Time Flies

This month, the kittens are 6 months old, and have all been altered.  Quite the hefty vet bill, let me tell you.  Tiny scars, and shaved bellies are the only outward telltale signs on the girls.  Jinx just has a tiny scar.  The boys have it easy, it’s a much less invasive procedure.  Spaying is real surgery though.

At the beginning of November, Kim and her little dog Ellie move in, and everything changes overnight. Kim and I have discussed introductions, and we both believe slower is better.  The long drive of a U-Haul will be loads of fun, especially with Ellie in a soft crate most of the time.  I bought a medium sized wooden dog crate for the bedroom we can use to keep Ellie in sometimes, or we can close the door and isolate her in the master bedroom for a couple weeks, and introduce cats slowly, one at a time, make sure nobody is too upset about the change.

You should’ve seen Peanut hiss when Jinx had to wear his “cone of shame” for licking his wound too much.  Peanut knew what that was, and wanted no part of it.  The kittens are still active kittens, but the girls aren’t running around as much while they’re healing.  More lying around and resting.  Frustrates Jinx, who has to settle for playing rough with Sparkle more often.

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  1. whistl Post author

    Journey is starting to develop darker orange colors on her backside, helping make her stand out more from her littler short-haired sister.

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