Life Anew

It’s been over a year since I moved into this house, and over a month since Kim moved into the house.  Life is completely transformed.  So different from years gone by I can hardly believe it myself.  But the key thing is, we’re happy.

Kim brought her little dog, Ellie, a chihuahua mix.  She’s a sweet little girl, and while she doesn’t quite yet trust me or the cats, she’s at least not afraid of them and she doesn’t bother them, nor they her, except when she barks.  One yip at two playing kittens will cause a multi-directional scatter, sort of like a fur grenade going off.

So in one year, I’ve gone from one guy, living alone with two cats and two vehicles, to part of a couple living together, with six cats and a small dog and four vehicles.  All crammed into one house.  The neighbors must talk about us.