Spring break is over

Kim and I took 6 days off work to travel to see three sets of friends and family (it’s  all we had time for) and had a great time.

Except for the bogus speeding ticket when I wasn’t speeding (we were cruising and listening to book on cd), but a guy coming up behind me fast was.  But because I drive a bright red Mustang and had a radar detector in my windshield, he justified giving me a 15 mph over the limit speeding ticket.  It’s $120 and plead guilty, or gas, hotel, lawyer, whatever it costs to pull GPS data out of my ford sync to prove my case if I want to please innocent, as I was.  What a ripoff!

Huge cats, wild personalities

The “J team” (what we call our three youngest cats) are growing by leaps and bounds.  They’ll be one year old in two weeks.  Jinx is huge, curious, won’t take no for an answer, in your face all the time kitty.  Journey is nearly as big, and way too smart for her own (or our) good.  She’s escaped outside a handful of times.  She has to be on the other side of any door that usually remains closed, closet, bathroom, garage, sliding glass.  Then at night, she’s a love bug, and curls up against my side almost every night.  Jitter is the most grown up of the three.  She’s already taken to napping the days away with the four elder kitties, and can often be found cuddling with Squeak or Peanut in a comfy chair.

Jinx must be way over 10 pounds, and while not as tall as Squeak, he has a round belly.  So does Journey. I need to weigh them all again.  Not too sure we’ll be able to continue to free feed them, they are such pigs, but not anyone else in the house.  Maybe we’ll just keep putting the food up higher on things, so if they get too fat, they don’t eat.

Everybody is happy and healthy, and nobody has won the bet as to which cat will be the first to be spotted cuddling with Ellie, our little dog.  Jitter tries to head but her all the time, but Ellie is oblivious to head butts.