RaspBerry Pi 2/Home Automation Ideas

I’ve invested in some hardware and books to start a new hobby, playing with the RaspBerry Pi 2.  Bought the Canakit Ultimate Starter Kit on Amazon for $90, but UPS managed to lose a 120 lb wood table which was intended to become my “work bench”.  Sigh.

I have a particular electronics project in mind, building relatively inexpensive wifi or z-wave attached motorized heating vents, so my computer can open and close vents throughout the house, as the rooms with activity in them heat up or cool down, and the software to control it all.

The RaspBerry Pi 2 is probably overkill for this, but I have to start somewhere.  Once I get the hardware working, the controller can be made smaller and cheaper.  Maybe I can use a bunch of model A+s.

The RaspBerry Pi 2 is a quad core 900 MHz ARM processor with 1GB RAM (slightly faster and 4 times as many core and RAM as the model A.  I was imagining putting together a beowulf cluster of my own, a 4+1 node Pi 2 cluster.  16 CPUs, 4GB RAM, which is a huge problem, but if I attached a USB2 SSD, I could use that as virtual memory, and make larger problems doable, if not optimally.  Proof of Concept, it would be cool.

Then I could use the same 5 Pis, and add 4 HDMI monitors and wall mount kits and build a “piwall” video wall.  Expand it to 8, 9, 12 and have at it.  My office has a 46″ Samsung TV on the wall.  I could add 3 more, and people across the street could watch my podcasts too!  LOL

Looking forward to killing some time at the work bench again.  Also eyeing another corner of the so-called “dining room” (which is where my work bench is going) to becoming “the studio” for recording audio or video podcasts.  A small table, two chairs, camera, microphones, mixer, computer.  We can even live stream the recording, just like the “big boys” do, so any fans can watch along.