Welcome, Mandolina Colleen

Please welcome Mandolina Colleen, aka Mandy.


Mandy is a 51 lb, 2 year old Lab/Shepherd mix.  Her face is very shepherd like, but her body is pure lab.  Her mind, well, that’s to be determined, how smart she is.  But she has such a desire to please, and loves the tiny treats, she’ll be a pleasure to train.



We adopted Mandolina from the Atlanta County Animal Control, which as far as I know, is a “kill shelter”, so she really *IS* a rescue.  Her shelter name was Sambucca, but neither Kim nor I liked that name.  We wanted to honor our favorite cat sitter, Mandy, so there you go, and Mandolina is the Italian word for Mandolin (the musical instument).  Kim says “Mandy” means “one who deserves love,” and we both liked that.

Such a sweet girl, not shy, very quiet, very calm, curious about the cats, but not obsessively.  She’s obviously never been around them, but she’s quickly coming to terms with the kittens.  The elder three cats are staying away from her, and I’m trying to encourage her to relax, and let them come to her.

When she’s curled up in that bed in the office, the kitties will happily pass by and enter the office to get attention from us.  She’s as afraid of them as they are of her.  When Jinx lies in the doorway, or stops on the stairs, staring at her, she’ll stop, stand back, and wimper and whine if she wants to walk past him.  So funny.

She slept in bed with us last night, and we didn’t mind much, although we did have to push her towards the foot of the bed, she was quite happy with her head on the pillow, between us.