Prince Jinx



This is my brave boy Jinx, a 14 lb 1 year old cat, who fears nothing, including Mandy, our 50 lb lab mix who loves him.


IMG_2051 IMG_2047

Jinx is starting to frequent my chest in the evenings, as soon as Squeak leaves, that is.  Jinx has no designs to be the king, he’s happy being a prince, or even jester.  He’s a goofy boy, always trying to get into the refrigerator, or dishwasher, or sink, or bathtub.  Anything that involves water, he’s right there with you.

Sorry I’ve haven’t been writing much tech blog stuff here lately.  Life has changed quite a bit in the recent year.  I have a project in mind, though, that I’m hoping to spend some time on.  We’ll see.