No, the website doesn’t exist yet, but I have begun work on a new home project – producing instructional videos related to Linux, LXC Linux Containers, Networking, Openstack, and other tech. I’ve bought some Mac audio/video/screen recording software, and have prepared a kind of script for Episode 1 – “Building an LXC Lab Host”.

I’ve got four x86_64 micro-servers and a GNU/Linux laptop on my lab work bench. I bought a remote controlled power strip, to be used as the STONITH device for the Pacemaker high availability cluster software. I’ve got a couple 8-port gigabit ethernet switches, as well as one 16 port manageable switch which supports vlans and trunking ports, which will be useful in the network lab. I’ve already got LXC and Glusterfs instructions written already, and am already planning episodes on vlan networking, transparent firewalls, and Ceph storage technology, before I start digging into deploying an example Openstack cloud system.

I’m sure the first few episodes will be terrible, but I’m determined to the be the best terrible technical presenter I can be. Hopefully I’ll learn as I go on, and things will get better, eventually.