Javascript blockers are NOT really blocking ads

I do not run the web browser plugin Ghostery to “block ads”. I use it because it blocks all Javascript (JS) programs when properly configured, and that’s a good thing for web safety. JS is too often and too easily abused to install malware. It’s ridiculously unsafe to browse the web without a JS blocker these days.

A long time ago the ad companies figured out JS made it easy for them to obtain lots of useful information about us, way beyond just our browsing and shopping habits. They know how to deliver ads without JS – they used to do it all the time. They have decided to hitch their ad delivery exclusively to their JS programs, so they can complain about us “blocking ads”, hoping we’ll give in to their constant demands, and weaken our safety and security. Hackers want that too.

Facebook has figured out how to show ads to me (they appear as “sponsored posts”). No problem, they’re labeled as such, and it all works fine on my normal web browser.

I can’t wait until people like Forbes, New York Times, and the Washington Post figure this out too, and just go back to inserting ads right into the page layout, like they used to. Whenever one of them complains “Look, we understand about ad-blockers…” I just close that webpage, and forget about reading whatever potentially interesting point they were trying to make. There are plenty of other articles by other, potentially smarter authors and publishers.