The Joy of Group Viewing

One of the things I enjoy most, in terms of media consumption, is the live viewing of a recorded video show, complete with dedicated IRC chat room.

One of my absolute favorite websites is, which displays dozens of professionally produced podcasts on various topics. Many of the shows, as they are being recorded, are displayed on Channel 1, and you can chat with other viewers in the diamondclub chat room. A couple of my favorite shows include the chat room in the bottom of the video output of the show, which thrills me to no end.

I love, and financially support, the Daily Tech News Show,, and watch it 6 days a week, nearly always the recorded version, but those days I’m working from home and not involved in a conference call after 3:30pm ET, I try to watch live, and join the live chat.

Another show I’ve long been a fan of is Night Attack, starring Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young. I’ve supported them since before they went independent, and still love their humor. FYI, true fact, that Night Attack Neon Light that appears behind JuRY whenever he records, was a gift to him by me. I felt like it.

Interactive entertainment is amazingly attractive. I don’t know if that will work for every audience of every show, probably not. Not everyone is funny, or interesting, but I find the audience to be very entertaining, and worth the time to join.

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