Jinx is kind of a bully!

Jinx appears to be aware that he is the heaviest cat in the house, and has been confronting Squeak, and forcing him into rough play.

The J-team came as a set of 3 that always played together, so Squeak isn’t used to rough play anymore, ever since Sparkle was a tiny kitten. He’s not a fan of Jinx’s teeth and claws, and usually just complains loudly and runs away. Jinx has a weak left rear leg (broke it as a kitten, and it just never got as strong) so he doesn’t run and jump as well as the others.

It’s all just normal subtle kitty cat dominance and submission, nobody gets hurt, no real fur ever flies. But it means Jinx has taken over as alpha-male, because Squeak, while taller and in better physical shape, is more into peace, and not interested in pounce politics, and Jinx has challenged that with his ‘might makes right’.

The result is, Jinx gets access to the food bowl anytime he wants, pushing other cats out of the way, if he feels like it. He gets first choice over sleeping arrangements, and while he’s usually cool about it, sometimes he asserts that he deserves the office leather chair instead of his smaller sister, and he always gets his way.

But what about Peanut, you ask? Peanut is way too chill to get involved with either of the other boys and pounce politics. He prefers the sweet smaller girls for cuddle partners, and has always been submissive when it comes to the food and water bowl pecking order. Right now, Peanut is in the leather chair, and Jinx is sleeping in Mandy’s dog bed.