Troublesome cats

We love our cats, we really do. But every now and then, they do something that makes me shake my head.

This morning, after Kim left for the office, I was reading work email in our upstairs office, when I heard a loud cat meow, over and over. We’re used to this, sometimes a cat darts into the closet, or bathroom when we’re not paying attention, and will get stuck in one. No big deal. This time, Journey was stuck inside the kitchen pantry. Apparently since the previous night, because that was the last time anyone opened it. Silly girl. What really puzzles me is how when I finally started looking for her, she quieted down, instead of letting me echo-locate her. Silly girl.

She’s fine, one night of sleeping on the floor won’t hurt her any, and her missing one meal every now and then probably wouldn’t bother the vet any. She’s got a fairly round belly as it is.