81% of all Smartphones are powered by Linux

The biggest, more glaring problem with this stat is that it lumps into one number, all of the distinct Android variations. User experience is more different than alike on Samsung Android, vs LG Android, vs Google Nexus Android, vs a Silent Phone handset. Everybody has their own launcher and apps.

I’ll wager a majority of Android phones in use today are running a version of the OS that hasn’t been patched to fix any of the critical bugs discovered in the past 6 months. If I had to get an Android phone, I’d want one from Silent Phone, or maybe a Google Nexus, so the software would stay up to date, for a while, at least.

Most inexpensive smartphone makers never seem to update the OS software unless forced, and some don’t include all of the Google brand apps. They (try to) replace some or all with their own apps.

Update: Now 87% as per new 2016 report. No, I didn’t use a misleading blog title. Smartphones powered by Linux are in fact dominating the smartphone market. A few of you may be scratching your heads at this point (stop that, you’ll go bald) while others are filled with that ‘Sound of Music’ – ‘The Hills are Alive!’ kind of Linux pride! Read on and I’ll provide some pudding, filled with proof that 81% 87% of all Smartphones are powered by Linux. Very often when I meet people outside of work, especially socially, they’ll often ask: ‘what do you do?’. When I inform

Source: 81% of all Smartphones are powered by Linux