HDHomeRun Connect was so easy to setup

If you are looking to cut the cord, consider getting a 2-tuner HDHomeRun Connect and a tv antenna and using the Kodi app to watch and record live broadcast TV.

You just connect the antenna, an ethernet cable, and power, and any device on your LAN or wifi can get up to 2 channels of Live TV in the free Kodi app on your Roku, Raspberry Pi entertainment center server, laptop, tablet and/or phone.

Just add more HDHomeRun Connect boxes anywhere in the house and clients find them all automatically, and can watch live and record more channels simultaneously. Hardware setup was incredibly painless and automatic. Kodi setup isn’t hard, but may require a little googling and youtube video watching before you figure it all out. There are pre-built Raspberry Pi images available to make a Kodi Entertainment Center. Add USB2 hard drives to the Pi and it can start recording Live TV today. Add a Roku or Raspberry Pi to each television set in the house, and any location can watch any recording or live channel anywhere on the home LAN.

Very slick.