Cheaper alternatives

My internet hosting service provider (not my ISP, the people who host this website and my email) sent me a bill for 2 years service for over $520. I cancelled my auto-renewal, because honestly, I can’t afford that much right now. $17/mo for email and a low traffic blog is just not feasible anymore.

My options include transferring my domain to a new hosting provider (even Hostmonster offers new customers a $5/mo choice), or setting up and managing my own servers. For the latter, I inquired about getting a static IP via my ISP, but found a /29 block of 8 static IP addresses will add $15/month to my service. Not much cheaper, and I’d have to manage and backup all my own servers. I have decided to move my domain to Amazon Web Service, for several reasons.

Mostly because AWS charges only for usage, I can host my services anywhere in the world, and my email and web users are VERY low traffic, so it’d probably be less than an average of $12/mo, but mostly because my employer is moving more towards AWS cloud services, and I need that kind of experience to make smarter decisions and build useful tools at work.

I was approached a few years back by representatives of the Whistl delivery company in the UK, who were interested in obtaining the domain. My knee-jerk reaction was to tell them “no way”, but if they were to approach me again now, I am thinking I’d probably let them have it for a reasonable price. I don’t really need, especially since I get so much spam as it is, and also because I own the domain, which I hardly use, because *.us domains are mostly spambots.