Linux & cloud computing educational opportunities

The other day, I offered on the Facebook group “The Tadpool” to teach a beginner cloud computing course to any takers. All I really want is some curious, hopefully smart, students to ask good questions, and make sure I’m teaching what they need to know. I need more experience doing podcasts, so I’ll feel more comfortable doing them, and meet more people, so it’s kind of a win-win situation here.

I realized after the anemic response, that maybe I need to set my sights a little high, so I was thinking that maybe I should first offer some beginner Linux user courses. Get people out of their horribly tiny Windows GUI world, and back into the command line world, where open source software offers so much power and opportunity to everyone.

I’m thinking I should design a list of podcasts, a sort of curriculum, one intended to pass on as much of my Linux and cloud computing knowledge as I can, in a series of short, consumable 1-2 hr shows.

I guess I should first create a video on installing the free Oracle VirtualBox VM software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer (assuming you haven’t already paid for some commercial VM product), to help people easily play with Linux anytime, at home. I can following with a short, newbie basic Linux command line user class, and maybe some basic system admin tips. I can eventually branch off into teaching Perl or Python programming basics, for that matter.