Nerding out

This weekend I had my own little private nerd fest. Just hung out at home and played with technology for two straight days. The wife understands, she gets the same way to n a Michael’s store.

Yesterday was dedicated to learning more about Docker Swarm, Nginx reverse-proxy, and trying out xUbuntu 18.04-beta2. Today was way more practical. I setup a “hidden” private DNS master server for one of my lesser used domains, and a reverse-proxy I can use for any websites I choose to setup.

I intend to start over, but this time record and edit the whole ordeal into a series of brief YouTube instructional videos. 1) Building an Ubuntu LXD (virtual) server and the very basics of using LXD, 2) installing your own domain’s Bind9 DNS server in an LXD container, 3) installing your own ISC DHCPd in an LXD container, 4) installing your own Nginx reverse-proxy web server in an LXD container, complete with auto renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, 5) setting up Shorewall Firewall on the LXD host, 6) setting up your own private Docker Test Swarm using Ubuntu and LXD on a VM.

I also want to do things like documenting the build of an POP3/IMAP4 email server for my domain, with cloud based MX servers to prevent email being lost or delayed when my home Internet is down.

I even intend to document building a team/department/organization communications hub, to support its members communicating via text chat, voice calls, even telephone calls, video chat, group calls, screen-sharing, everything people need to communicate effectively.

I also want to branch into slack chat, in particular, chatbot integration. It would be awesome to build on previous lessons, build a chatbot that configures and controls your master DNS server, and monitors and controls your docker swarm.

The more content I produce, the more real my personal dream comes true. I just need to get comfortable recording myself and talking about what I’m doing at the same time, and start over.

Maybe I just should stream the whole thing live, I do have a twitch account.