AJIN – Demi Human

I just finished season two of the Netflix original anime series “Ajin – Demi-Human”, and I loved the whole thing. Took a while to binge watch both seasons, and all I can say is “WOW!” and “I sure hope they produce a Season Three”.

It’s all about people who are immortal, but don’t know it until they actually die. The hero is kind of a young punk, who just wants to be left alone, but is forced to react when this crazy guy tries to take over the country and kill all of his friends. I won’t go into their special powers, and will just say, it’s a really good anime series, even if 2 seasons is all there ends up being.

Five out of five stars, totally worth watching. Likeable (and hateable) characters, great story progress, and awesome performances from all the voice actors. Every episode made me want to watch the next one. None of the boring talking and fighting repetition you get from popular stuff like Naruto.  Ajin is great stuff.  Kudos to Netflix for producing it.