email moved, just in time

This morning, I added email services on my internet virtual machine, meaning I can finally relax, and let my account be retired at the hosting company when it expires early next month. So now, instead of paying $280/year, I’m only paying $144/year, and I can customize my VM as much as I like, instead of being forced to accept the host company’s restrictive “nickel and diming” rules.

My new server has free static IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6), $2/month weekly system backups, and a free, auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. I can also guarantee my new server is way more responsive than the huge server I shared with several hundred other paying customers at the hosting company. The only downside is that I have to remember to do regular OS updates on the server myself. Not a big deal for a professional system admin.

I was actually hoping to finish this last year, but put it off too long, and ended up renewing. The Digital Ocean cloud has a much smoother learning curve than Amazon Web Services, plus 60 free days to play with all their toys.