New Anime series on Netflix

I’m watching “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic” on Netflix this week. It’s a pretty good anime series, original Netflix production, but set in the ancient middle east, featuring Aladdin and his Gin, and his new best friend Ali Baba. Typical stereotypical Japanese anime cultural appropriation. I do like the series, regardless. Harmless fun.

I’ve been able to find a fairly decent amount of enjoyable original anime on Netflix, I’m wondering how all the Japanese TV anime producers will respond. With they create an online content store we can all enjoy? That would be so GREAT!. I still subscribe to VRV, but not too many anime producers release their content there. They have all the Naruto series though, but that series is fairly derivative, so I’m still using it to view other more original content, while allowing myself to occationally watch Naruto Shippuden and other derivative series.

I like having access to such a wide variety of anime, especially when there are much more than I can access each month. To me, that means the ecosystem is really healthy, because it’s not restricting itself to only the most popular genre/topics/jokes/target audiences. Netflix is really investing in it’s streaming future. They are producing more content than I can consume each month. That means I get to explore, enjoy new things, and always have something to look forward to. I also look forward to Apple’s entrance into the streaming video content arena, although I doubt I’ll pay much more for any new subscriptions at this time. I buy series through Apple iTunes all the time, like Mr Robot, and find it cheaper than paying for cable TV.

Right now, we don’t subscribe to CBS all access, or any over-the-top video streaming service, like Playstation Vue, Sling, Youtube TV, etc. We have a DVR and OTA antenna, so all the daily news and weekly crime drama shows are being recorded automatically. I love to watch NFL and sometimes college Football, but rarely catch it live because I work 3rd shift, so I’m asleep until 6-7pm. I kind of prefer watching sports on TiVo anyway, so I can skip over commercials, and rewind and rewatch plays they don’t replay on-air, and do frame-by-frame super slo-mo if I desire.

When it comes to the Apple ecosystem, pretty much, I want out. Don’t get me wrong, it works great, and I’m not unhappy with it, but Apple computers, and services, have become simply TOO expensive. I am TIRED of paying for a $900-1000 iPhone every 2 or 3 years. And while I haven’t replaced my desktop Mac for over 5 years, I’m pretty sure my next desktop will be some PC desktop class hardware running on Ubuntu Linux. I keep pricing out systems with newer AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs with 16 Core, 32 threads, 32 GB RAM, 512 GB M.2 nVME SSD, 2 TB 7200 rpm disk, and can never come up with less than $4,000.

I worry about how much of that vendor built PC cost is going to Microsoft, because they ALL come with Windows 10, which, I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in, at all. Not even as a VM. Windows products have become more of a problem, than a solution. I’ll still with AWS, Google Computer, Digital Ocean, and other cloud vendors and Linux cloud app servers running my content.