No More Damned Smart TVs. Enough.

When will some budget minded TV screen maker realize they could own the market for NON-smart, high res monitors. I don’t even need any TV tuner built in, no webcams, no microphones. All I want is a great looking, reliable display, and multiple HDMI and displayPort ports that can be reached from the side or bottom, so I don’t have to take the tv off the wall to plug new video sources in. It should have front/side panel controls and an infrared remote control to manage power, input selection, volume, and display options. Buttons on the top or back suck for monitors mounted on the wall.

And damn it Samsung, if you make it, the stupid screen should NOT always show a flashing mute icon onscreen when I turn the volume all the way down. That’s just annoying. Maybe show it for 10 seconds and let it go away, and show it again if I change input selections.

Think of it, it should cost less to produce a minimal model. They could make it even thinner and lighter, and deal with fewer cables to manage. They might sell for a couple hundred less than Full Smart TV versions, and snarf up all kinds of computer monitor and TiVo/AppleTV/Roku box users the world over.

No matter what, any minimal monitor should not have any Internet connection at all. No network cable port, no wifi. Use USB thumb drives and sneaker net to install any microcode updates. That’s very easy, and certainly anyone who is in the cheap monitor market but still cares enough about doing microcode updates (like service shops) shouldn’t have much issue with that. You could have an empty drive with the one driver on it for that model, or you could have a usb stick full of all the drivers for all of that vendor’s video equipment, and let the monitor itself choose which driver(s) file names and versions to process.

I see no benefit to having a player software, like Netflix, Roku, or any other Smart TV functions built directly into my TV. As soon as the next best, coolest device is created, you won’t want to replace your monitor, and you’ll just end up ignoring it’s older smarts, and plug in some new external box (unless they upgraded or replaced HDMI). Most consumers aren’t going to replace their set as soon as the vendor stops supporting software updates for that model. On top of that, I believe at least half of US consumers completely ignore their TV’s built-in Smart features anyway, so they are simply wasting money paying for it in the first place.

Popular, un-patched, internet attached “things” have become common attack targets that malware writers enjoy exploiting. They could infect your phone, only to hack your TiVo and all of your Hue lightbulbs when you get home, because you never power them off, and they are, or appear to be, idle 95% of the day.

Anyone who wants a smart tv is probably already thinking of, or already owns some box. A Roku, TiVo, or anyone else’s Smart TV box, either the cheap WiFi attached HDMI+USB stick, or maybe the more common table top box with AC power, ethernet port, and HDMI output is a more obvious and easy solution. You can replace/upgrade the box and the monitor separately,