American Horror Story: Coven

I’ve finally reached the end of Season 3 of American Horror Story on Netflix. I do admit, it was much easier to binge watch than the 1960’s mental hospital story that was Season 2. Probably because it was much easier to suspend disbelief. The 1960s version of mental hospital commitments just seemed like it was too easy, too obvious, too scary to tolerate. Back then, people could get locked up with no obvious recourse, women especially seemed to be at the risk of the whims of their all-powerful husbands,

I sure hope mental commitments these days are subject to a much more fair assessment, but in this scary environment we all live in, I can never be assured. All it takes is a powerful Doctor, or powerful person to get anyone removed from society, committed to an asylum. There seems like there is no potential recourse. Not really. We all rely on a fair society, which doesn’t exist anymore. Especially since it’s the media’s job to blame every act of violence on someone, even if they are mentally ill. And the label of “mentally ill” is assumed to encompass all sorts of bad behaviors. Anyone who suffers from any sort of mental illness tends to be labeled with the same stigman as violent offenders.