American Horror Story – Season 1

Just finished watching season one of “American Horror Story” on Netflix. Such an AWESOME creepy, scary story. I’m not normally attracted to scary shows, I usually find them to be derivative, but this whole thing was really well done.

There are a total of seven seasons on Netflix, each season tells a new story. I’m totally ready to dig into season two right now, but I just wanted to say right now, if you like ghost stories, if you like mysteries, if you can stand those genres, this is a really enjoyable show to watch. If you aren’t hooked after two episodes, just move on. But I suspect you will enjoy it like I did.

I was mostly blown away by the final two episodes, which were a kind of sequel to the main storyline. The central characters of the season were already dead, so I totally expected like 15 minutes of sequel action, to show how the house keeps consuming victims in an evil way. But it didn’t end the way I expected at all. I am very impressed with the writing. 5 of 5 stars.

So, buckle up, here comes season two!

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  1. whistl

    I finally finished ep 1 of Season 2, and I was mostly surprised by the return of Jessica Lange in a major role. She plays the senior nun in a catholic run mental institution. The episode features quite a bit of gore and a few bare asses, just to titillate the viewers that need that kind of stuff.

    I did grow up as a Catholic child, so I guess I have a healthy respect for evil nuns, which explains my reluctance to binge watch this season. But I’ll make it through.

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