Dexter Season 6

Is it JUST me? Or does Colin Hanks (yes, Tom Hanks son) remind you a LOT of Sean Murray of NCIS fame. When I first looked his name up, I was totally convinced they were related somehow.

I heard from a friend, before I started, that the series seemed to “jump the shark” after a few seasons, long before the end. And I have to admit, I did have a hard time getting through season 4, the one featuring John Lithgow as the guest villain, and Dexter dealing with his family.  But I finished it, after a few weeks break. And Season 5 renewed my interest in the series.

So, I finished season 5, and really thought it was one of the best, story wise. Now I’m into Season 6, featuring Edward James Almos as the featured guest villain, and its just weird and creepy enough that I’m am drawn to the story. I have to think, though, that the convenient disappearance of his wife’s two children, Cody and Astor, helps the story line. The two kids were missing all of Season 4, and most of Season 5, leaving Dexter to deal only with his infant son. The idea of a relationship between a serial killer and his son, who he desperately want to avoid passing on his “dark passenger” to, is somewhat fascinating.

I have no such dark passenger, but I admit I have fantasized about dispatching people I’ve felt wronged me in the past. It’s not a serious idea, just a normal fantasy, one of being all powerful, being in total control of my life, being able to get away with such awful, evil, dark thoughts. I suppose that’s normal, up to a point. I could never actually do anything like that, because I’m awful at lying. Just ask my wife.

I suppose that’s why Dexter was such a hit show. It lets us fantasize about “what might have been” if we were evil, like some of the people we see on TV every day. I’m thinking Donald Trump level fantasies. He truly seems deluded about reality, but considering his position, and his perception of reality, he undoubtedly thinks he can get away with all the lying and deception, too. And the majority of voters have shown they support his version of reality too. Sad.

After last night’s election results, I have to say, I look forward to next year’s top TV shows, especially the new ones featuring a rich demagogue who does whatever he feels like, saying anything he likes, to get whatever he wants, and suffering no consequences as a result. Then again, unless it’s shown on the Fox News Channel, none of DJT’s biggest fans will recognize the patterns and change anything.