I’ve never hated Daylight Savings Time more

Tonight, Saturday night, I will have to work 9 hours, instead of 8, because of Daylight Savings Time. My work shift is 10pm until 6am, and it’s “fall back”, so the 1am-2am hour will be repeated, making me work 9 hours.

The European Union has chosen to abolish Daylight Savings Time. Last week was their very last time change. I wish the US could do the same, but I have totally lost hope for this country. I see no end in sight to the madness. Even if the “blue wave” is able to take control of the house, the madness won’t end.

I find it totally hilarious that Republicans have stolen the most popular Democrat messages, like preserving the most popular parts of the Affordable Care Act. They fought for eight years, and voted over 50 times to repeal the ACA, more than 50 times they knew they’d never get the Senate to agree. Every day, I see the same attack ad on Youtube about how the “crazy Democrats” want to take away your employer (partially) funded health care. They don’t bother to mention that the single payer system would reduce health care costs for everyone and eliminate the NEED for employer , because that fact would be too inconvenient. Everyone I know who has kids complains about how expensive their “employer paid healthcare” is.

I hope I’m wrong, and this country isn’t lost forever, but I’d rather expect the worst, and be pleasantly surprised, than hold out hope for sanity in this country, and be royally disappointed, again. I still can not believe my own relatives were stupid enough to vote for Trump, and even worse, still support him, because they believe more than anything, that Democrats are all evil. Trump inflames this belief, and they don’t watch anything but Fox News, so they never hear a single dissenting voice. Even when one of the Fox News hosts admits something Trump said is not the truth, they choose not to believe it.