Kill la Kill

I decided to check out a new Anime series on Netflix – Kill la Kill, and I am enjoying it. It’s yet another battle anime, but this time starring high school students enhanced by special battle armor. The protagonist is Ryoko, who is searching for her father’s killer. The antagonist is the local high school student counsel president, an all powerful girl whom all the teachers and school officials are afraid of. It seems she is the giver of the special uniforms that bestow special powers upon those who wear them, but Ryoko is not one of her lackeys.

It’s a really bizarre and exaggerated story, where everyone acts over the top, including all the minor players. Ryoko’s best friend regularly launches herself at her friend, only to be spun around and around, and kindly set down. The battles, so far, are all between school sports stars and Ryoko, who only because of her superior armaments, comes out on top every time.

I have to admit, the stories that are far over the top, so wacky they are unbelievable, these are the types of Anime I enjoy the most. At their heart, they explore the heart and motivation of the characters, but each story seems to follow a set of rules. Good finds bad, challenges them to battle, bad tries to overpower good with what they think are superior skills, only to be surprised and defeated by the hero.

Not all that unlike old Superman and Batman stories, but way more entertaining, because of all the over-the-top jokes and situations.

Okay, I also have to admit, this is the first Anime series I’ve watched in a while that features a fair amount of “fan service”, which is usually just Anime-speak for tits and ass. Fan Service usually involves teasing, showing panties, the edges of breasts, extremely short skirts and skimpy outfits, but no actual graphic female genitals. They only seek to titillate the adult male viewer, nothing more. If you don’t really get it, just accept, it’s a Japanese male culture thing. Trust me, every American teenager for the past 30 years understands the appeal of “Fan Service”.

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  1. whistl Post author

    Just finished Kill la Kill episode 3, and I think I’m don’t with it. No plotline, just mindless violence and endless fan service. Yawn.

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