The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix has an original 10 episode TV series based on the old horror movie of the same name. I remember watching several versions of that movie, and being pleasantly scared each time.

This version is compelling enough, that I’m planning to finish it, but the production is jumping back and forth in time, through multiple timeframes in one families life. It’s a big family too, so with all their relationships, there are just so many characters (at different ages) to keep straight. It’s a bit maddening, honestly.

1 thought on “The Haunting of Hill House

  1. whistl Post author

    Okay, it’s getting better. The first few episodes were mildly scary, but mostly disorienting, with the jumping back and forth through time. I just finished episode 6, and they are finally explaining some of the background stories.

    I’m really enjoying this show.

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