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They did the exact same thing when 4G was brand new and not well understood. AT&T simply lied and changed all the phone icons and just told everyone that their 3.5G phones were upgraded to 4G, and people bought it. That’s why everyone uses the generic “LTE” marketing label to mean “the actual 4G standard”. Now they say change our icons again, and try to convince us that “5Ge” means “the actual 4G standard”. I wonder what generic marketing label will eventually mean “the actual 5G standard”.

From what I’ve read about the actual 5G standards, it’ll use higher frequencies, which will be better for super fast wifi replacement than wide area cellular coverage. Higher frequencies don’t penetrate buildings or even internal walls well. It’ll mean 5G cell sites will have to be much closer together compared to 4G. It’ll probably end up being easier to implement 5G in cities and any crowded urban center. They’ve been looking for a good way to support all 45,000 cell phones at a football stadium, or rock concert or political protest, all trying to text, send photos, or stream a brief video to their friends. Law enforcement would much rather know who said what when, than block communications.

The cancellation of the net neutrality laws can only mean we’re destined to end up with commercially operated walled garden of the Internet, where only “safe” (ie government approved) DNS host names can be connected to, using only approved communication protocols, are allowed to be used when communicating with other entities.

When I talk about walled gardens, we had that exact thing not that long ago. That’s how WAP worked, when we first got 2G mobile internet on cell phones. The feds and phone profit maximizers all loved that shit, they could charge by the byte. It was just like low res dialup Internet, but even slower, more restricted, and highly controlled by a few companies who made profits by selling their WAP server software to phone vendors around the world.. Thankfully the whole WAP/2G internet lasted maybe 6 years total, until the iPhone revolution and the Android graphic UI clone came out. As soon as standard HTML was available, everybody dumped that WAP crap. Customers didn’t want it, content providers didn’t want to produce it, and no amount of ascii porn could sell it.

Initially we’ll accept the walls of our new garden in the name of finding the terrorists within, keeping our innocent children safe, fighting computer viruses and protecting you from hackers. Then providers will have to decide between offering the dangerous, unfiltered Internet, or the newer, America First, safer, filtered option. Maybe it’ll take 30 years, but the Disney Internet will eventually win. And then we’ll never know what ideas exists outside the magic protective garden walls. Baaah!

AT&T starts swapping out “4G” status bar icons with “5GE.”

Source: AT&T decides 4G is now “5G,” starts issuing icon-changing software updates | Ars Technica