My Next Desktop PC

I’m pretty convinced my current choice for my next desktop PC is an Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) gen 8 core i7 HVK with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics. I was surprised it’s max memory capacity is still only 32GB, the same my current late 2012 iMac. I still use VirtualBox to boot new OSs, to keep my tech skills up-to-date, so the higher memory can be justified.

I’m loving the Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on, so different types of content are handled by independant virtual browsers, keeping credentials for things like home banking in separate namespaces, far apart from news browsing, podcast consumption, shopping credentials.

The NUC8 is an affordable platform, and uses awesome technology, but I keep hoping the NUC9 will be announced soon, with even faster RAM. I’ve been reading about the NUC8 for a whole year. I do own a home server on an older NUC6, with dual-core core i7 and hyper-threading, so 4 virtual CPUs, fast nVME SSD, slower SATA disk, and 32 GB RAM.

I keep wondering why AMD doesn’t offer a small ThreadRipper mini-itx motherboard and desktop, sort of a NUC-like small home enthusiast form factor. They could influence quite a few influencers that way, and generate lots of real world benchmarks. Or maybe they don’t really want that. Who knows.

The smaller platforms will need to make some trade-offs. I’d want to see one or two 32-core ThreadRipper/EpyC CPUs, with 256 to 2048 GB RAM across 4 or more memory channels, lots of high speed usb-c ports, usb2/3 type A ports, yadda yadda. With no memory, the base box should be well under a thousand, to give people a way to try them out with less risk.