Russian Spammers

Every few days, I delete accounts created by russian spammers. I don’t advertise. Nobody follows me. I’m really just a honeypot, because the ratio of users to spammers is 0% to 100%.

I did setup google captcha, which reduced the number of spammers trying to advertise their penis pills, but it’s still not zero.

I need to create a sign-up filter that does both captcha and email / SMTP interaction, to reduce robotic participation.

It’s 2019 people, have zero grad students been thinking about this? Hmmm?

2 thoughts on “Russian Spammers

  1. Peggy

    Hey, not nobody following was you. I do!

    AND I have been sorely tempted to follow your lead in leaving Facebook and starting my own blog. I follow your blog because I am interested in both you and what you have to say but also in the types of things you post.

    I have found that I truly LOVE it when you speak the (inexplicable to me) tech-talk you so excel in. I think to myself…lookkee here, I am related to this! Keep up the good work.

    Happy January,

  2. whistl Post author

    Hey Peg. I didn’t notice your comment until just now. Thanks for reading.

    I didn’t know you could comment without creating an account. If you did create an account, I may have deleted it, Sorry.

    Just checked, and no, you don’t need to create an account to leave a comment. I was worried I may have accidentally deleted your new account in the last purge. Until I added this latest WordPress plugin, I was deleting two dozen email addresses every week.

    The system is setup now so that you need to supply a working email address to receive a message with a link in it that confirms your account request, before you can login. Most spammers won’t supply a working email that they control, so their account never gets approved.

    I’ve further restricted things such that I’m the only one who has permission to post new threads, and any users or guests who don’t already have an approved comment, automatically get their comment held for moderation. Also, any post with a hyperlink in it gets held for moderation, because comment spammers love links.

    I don’t know anything about maintaining a community.

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