Ethernet over Power bridges

Ethernet over Power. It’s a pair of boxes that let you connect wired ethernet over power lines to link two (or more) wired networks inside the same house. It didn’t used to work this reliably, but I suspect it was a setup issue. Since they died and I reinitialized them, I’m getting much faster speeds and more consistent flows of traffic. on my iMac now reports a consistent 138 Mbps download and 142 Mbps upload. Just a cakewalk compared to the wired gigabit ethernet speeds my server downstairs gets.

I still intend to run a pair of ethernet cables from our office upstairs, to the router downstairs, so I can get rid of the ethernet over power adapters. It’d be great to have gig speeds here. Then I could move the firewall, wifi access point, and my Intel NUC5 server back to the office.

I also want to run a cable from the switch in the office up into the attic, and over to the 8 port switch behind the master bedroom tv is. That 50 ft blue cable running on the floor between the two rooms has been there way too long.