Insects are dying at record rates — a sign of a 6th mass extinction

“In the past, mass extinctions have been caused by the emergence of ice ages or asteroid collisions. This mass extinction, however, is driven by human activities – namely deforestation, mining, and carbon-dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.” Don’t forget farming and cattle/sheep ranches.

The way I see it, the human race is screwed. All life on this planet will end, one way or another, and we’ll pass on nothing to the future. Once the bugs are gone, crops will fail, there will be mass panic, it will be a quick, catastrophic end. Maybe a tiny few people will survive, but for how long?

I have no doubt some form of life will survive, somehow. I doubt we’ll be successful at wiping out all life, unless maybe Trump gets angry after seeing Putin high fiving some other dictator and does something monumentally stupid.

Forty-one percent of the world’s insects are in decline as part of the sixth mass extinction. If the decline continues, Earth could be devoid of insects in 100 years.

Source: Insects are dying at record rates — a sign of a 6th mass extinction

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