The Cost of The Cloud

Today, I got email from Amazon Web Services, because it’s time to pay for my cloud usage. The grand total? $4.90, but best of all – that’s for the past two months service. So, my single VM costs under $3 per month. My old Hostmonster web site plus email service used to cost $20 per month. Huge win!

Just checked the Backblaze B2 cloud storage I use for disk backups. That adds an additional 70 cents per month to my bill. Horrors!

Honestly, life is pretty good right now. Wife is good. Animals are good. Work is good. Still have all the usual things to complain about. My foot still hurts a lot. Car windshield is coming up on the two year anniversary of developing a long crack. Time for another oil change appointment. Sigh.

I’ve been looking into setting up my own FreePBX telephone switch. I feel like I’m way late to the game, learning about telephone systems in 2019, but it’s all just so interesting! I would like to subscribe to an inexpensive SIP service so we can reach the international telephone system. I figure SIP clients on our cell phones and laptops would make communication easier and much more secure.