What time is it? What day is it? Who am I again?

Working third shift is mind warping, at best. Working a Thursday thru Monday night shift will challenge your sanity. Kim no longer questions my sanity when I ask her “what day is it?” because I get confused so easily.

Kim works Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. She’s permitted to work a sane shift. I work Thursday through Monday, 10pm to 6am. So, Thursday is my Monday, Monday is my Friday.

It reminds me of back when I had a cable tv service that was analog based, but all the channels were off by one. So, channel 1 was channel 2, 2 was 3, 11 was 12. Before long you were doing double translations, remembering 11 was 12, and tuning in 13, because 12 was 13. Same shit, different day.

My employer is hiring right now. We want an experienced Sr Linux Admin, preferably with vmware esxi and red hat enterprise linux or centos experience, and a basic understanding of enterprise system operations, ticketing systems, dealing with JAVA applications. send me your resume and other info to whistl034 AT gmail.com, and I’ll refer you.

The job is third shift, 10pm-6am, Tuesday through Saturday night. So, you get off Sunday 6am, and don’t return until 10pm Tuesday night. Sunday night and Monday night off. As soon as someone is hired for that slot, maybe a week later, I switch back to Sunday through Thursday nights, leaving my Friday and Saturday nights off. Yeah, baby!!

My wife misses me on the weekends now, because she’s up at 8 or 9am on Saturday and Sunday, and I’m heading to bed then. We do get to hang out in the evenings, unless I’m up past noon. It’s affecting both of our moods. Both of us depend on the other so much, and are suffering because our work schedules conflict. She works all day, and wants to text me links and stories, but I’m asleep, so she can’t, or she forgets. Same in the middle of the night, I won’t interrupt her sleep with some silly banter.