It’s Time to Have (Another) Talk About Distracted Driving

Wow! Wow! Wow! The story is disturbing, to say the least. But the Trump Administration is provably pro-industry, anti-regulation. What is the solution then? Anyone?

94% of Americans support a ban on texting while driving, but on any given day in America, an estimated 660,000 people will operate their phone and their vehicle simultaneously. It’s time to …

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  1. whistl Post author

    I’ve read that wifi signals can be used to locate a phone or other mobile device, if the transmitter location is known. Why not offer wifi in the dash of every car, with 5G internet service, and block any device located in the front left driver’s seat when the vehicle is moving? Also block any other location in the car, if it doesn’t have a heavier than 90 lb person in the seat. In vehicle entertainment systems will be allowed too.

    Mobile phone makers could be required to stop all cellular network activity when the device is at a high rate of speed. But they can use 5G WiFi, as long as they aren’t the driver.

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