Try the Brave web browser

I am REALLY liking the Brave browser. It’s basically Chrome without all the spying. It works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iPhones, and Android. It’s worth a try. Google has made enough money off your quite valuable personal information and online activity.

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  1. whistl Post author

    So, I’ve discovered three issues since switching to Brave.

    1) I cannot access my Amazon Web Services account without turning “shields down” for all sites. Amazon access lots of javascript and redirects to other domains multiple times when switching services, and Brave by default breaks everything. I suppose I can live with switching to Firefox on those few occasions when I need to access my AWS Console, so it’s only a little annoying. I’m still researching this on the Brave browser support website, since I haven’t found this is a common problem.

    2) My Office 365 Word Online editor occasionally stops letting me edit the document. I quickly figured out, pressing the “Reload” button resolves the issue, but this never occurred when using Chrome, so I’m not sure why it affects Brave.

    3) I can’t even login to my WordPress blog using Brave. Not sure why this fails, it’s acts as if I’m not entering the correct password.

    On the other hand, I’ve have found a few benefits as well:

    1) The Apache ServiceMiix web console no longer stops working and logs me out after ten minutes of inactivity. I’m guessing Chrome is “optimizing” my experience, and stopping background Javascript, or something like that.

    2) The web page tabs are better looking. I don’t like the recent GUI change that Chrome implemented, and apparently neither did the Brave developers. A relatively minor thing, but still, nice.

    3) My web browsing experience is faster. It’s probably only a fraction of a second difference, but still, it appears to be noticeable, that pages render a little faster. Maybe it’s the built in ad-blocker, I’m not sure. I’m still using EFF’s Privacy Badger plugin, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s been rendered redundant by Brave’s builtin protections or not.

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