Miss Sparkle

Friday night, after work, I went to the Atlanta Humane Society, and picked out a third cat to join my household.  She’s a tiny 5 lb 5 month old black/grey kitten named Sparkle.  The shelter named her Noel, but she’s got too much energy, too much attitude to be a Noel.  Sparkle describes her personality too.  She’s quiet, mostly, but is wild about playing with toys.  She loves toys to be tossed in the air in her direction.  Sparkle will chase, pounce upon and chew on anything that moves, including your sock covered feet, but she is a loud purrer and close cuddler at night.  Such a great little kitty.  I’m very lucky.





Squeaky Sox

Squeak is younger than Peanut, is much more active, and now that it’s cooler, he spends a fair amount of time curled up in my lap.



Peanut Tiger

Peanut is a sweet, no stress kind of guy.  His fur is extremely soft, he loves the sun, and he enjoys a good belly rub.



Whistl.com reboot

My little world got shutdown when some spammers got into my system and flooded it with comment spam.  My ISP shutdown the website and notified me.  I tried to recover from backups, but my backups failed.  I decided to start over, with some more mainstream software, WordPress.  I recently read a history of WordPress, and was surprised to learn that WordPress and b2evolution blog software were both forks from the same base product.  Apparently they differ in their menus and features.  I thought I’d give this branch a try.