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American Horror Story: Coven

Finished Season 2, started Season 3 of American Horror Story. Some of the stars of Season’s 1 and 2 are back, and this season is much less creepy than last season. Not sure why, maybe I’m less afraid of being accused of being accused of being a witch than I am of being forcibly institutionalized by some crazy doctor.

Season 3 is all about witches, including the Salem kind, and the voodoo kind. There’s even a Stevie Nicks worshiper witch I really like.

Fake News

My favorite tweet in response to the recent Donald Trump claim that California simply needs to spend money to “rake the forest floors” to prevent forest fires was:

“Rake News”

American Horror Story Season Two

Okay, I suppose it’s not embarrassing to say I’m fascinated by Season Two of American Horror Story. A few of the actors returned from Season One, as entirely new characters, in a different story, and it’s not just a creepy ghost story like Season One was. No, this one features a conspiracy to hide a former Nazi doctor who experimented on Auschwitz prisoners, aliens, abusive Catholic Nuns, demon possessed people, and a few “innocent” folks who got stuck in a mental hospital.

I told my wife this morning, you really know it’s a creepy story line, when you decide watch another episode of Dexter Season 7, just to “lighten the mood” a little. I mean, Dexter is bizarre, but not as whacked out as AHS:S2. Wow!