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Who Exactly is Todd Barry, and is he funny?

I just watched the least interesting episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix series, “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee”. WHO is TODD BARRY? WHO CARES?!? He’s not funny. He appears more like some random neighbor Jerry tried to use as a guest, just to meet some contract deadline.

I’ve never heard of him, never saw the two shows he was in. He was very dull, very boring and very uninteresting. I’m really not inspired to learn out any more about him. WHY exactly did Jerry Seinfeld even air that awful episode at all? We may never know.

Okay, now I see the ad for the next episode, featuring someone else I never heard of – Barry Marder. I may watch that, just to make a final decision if this show has officially jumped the shark. At this point, I think Jerry probably ran out of friends who will agree to appear on his show. He’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

The old cars aren’t really interesting enough to keep me tuning in. The stock photos of coffee being made isn’t interesting in the least. It’s a formulaic show, that is only interesting for the perspective of the famous people that have been guest starring. Up until now, that is.

Last chance, Jerry. Barry Marder better be funny. Netflix has thousands of other shows I can waste my time watching, I don’t watch this show only because of YOUR humor.