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Russian intel planted fake report that Seth Rich was killed by assassins working for Clinton

So. Wow. Okay. It was all a Russian conspiracy after all. Not surprising, but I’m sure it won’t be accepted as trush by all the right-wing conspiracy nuts. That’s the biggest problem with conspiracies nuts, there’s no way anyone who believes them will EVER accept any evidence to the contrary.

I have a sister who listens and often believes those conspiracy nuts. Mostly it’s the Fox News conspiracy nuts who influence her. I don’t know why she trusts them, other than the fact that she is surrounded by a bunch of other conspiracy nuts.

I love my T-shirt that says “Think Critically and Demand Evidence.” I regularly get positive comments when I wear it. Too many easily influenced people are willing to accept Fox News lies as their truth these days.

Russian intelligence agents spread a false report claiming assassins working for Hillary Clinton killed Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich just days after his murder, according to a new investigation.

Source: Russian intel planted fake report that Seth Rich was killed by assassins working for Clinton

Donald Trump just shared a tweet with a fake quote from Ronald Reagan praising him

Trump-etts don’t actually care about the truth. It’s all about the “optics”. Trump tweets lies, and his fans just nod their heads, and say to themselves “gee, I voted for the greatest president ever!”

The fact-checking site PolitiFact debunked the purported Reagan quote as a “pants-on-fire” level lie in March.

Source: Donald Trump just shared a tweet with a fake quote from Ronald Reagan praising him

Beyond Burgers and Brats

A couple days ago, my wife cooked Beyond Meat burgers for dinner. I liked it fine, but I don’t think it would fool everyone into thinking they’re eating a real beef burger. The next day, I enjoyed a Beyond Brat at a friends house. Honestly, that was much more believable. If I hadn’t been told, my mouth would have easily said that was a real pork bratwurst.

I’m not too sure I want to eat them from now on in every situation where I would have enjoyed a burger or brat, but I’m won’t, at this point, reject them as genetically engineered food product.

Veterans Tell Donald Trump They ‘Feel Deeply Betrayed’ in July 4 Video Calling For Impeachment

I support our troops, not because I think they are invinceable and because they are willing to die for our country, but because they are also willing to live with the consequences.

“The way he’s acted as president has been completely at a detriment to our nation’s unity,” a veteran said of Trump.

Source: Veterans Tell Donald Trump They ‘Feel Deeply Betrayed’ in July 4 Video Calling For Impeachment

Last Day on Third Shift

Next week, I start on the morning shift. I have three nights to adjust my sleep schedule so I can wake up at 5am. I doubt it will be a problem. Lately, on the weekends, I’ve been shifting to going to bed earlier and waking earlier.

Last night, I felt very productive. I started a new program, part of our departments new Nagios server project. I wrote a Python 3 program that reads configuration information out of a database, and creates all the Nagios config files. When you have the size network we do, you need something like this. Editing config files by hand is ridiculous.

There’s still more work to do, but I made great headway in just two days. I was blessed by a full staff both nights, and few issues, so I got to spend pretty much the whole night to work on this program. And I feel like it’s good code too. I could only be happier if there were any other Python programmers on the team who could appreciate or critique my code.

AOC accuses border officers of ‘violent culture’ after report on graphic Facebook posts

These posts by CBP are vile and insulting to every single law abiding American citizen. There is no excuse for this kind of behavour from anyone in any position of authority. What kind of vetting program does the CBP have in place, anyway?

Given the repeated acceptance of racist and homophobic attitudes from our current commander-in-chief, I have to wonder how much longer this country has to exist. I am an American, but I have to say, I really dislike a large part of so-called conservative Americans anymore. It’s become obvious what all those terrorists and communists see is wrong in this country. And it’s well deserved. We earned that scorn and hatred, because that’s what we’ve become.

I used to enjoy the puff pieces I’d see every few years, about foreigners visiting the USA and how they’d describe how kind random people were to them, when in need. But the current news cycles are shredding that story. I hope the USA doesn’t degrade into the hateful, racist, homophobic culture the current President and his devotees represent. And I really hope my own siblings and other relatives don’t want that too, but I’m not too sure anymore, considering how many of them voted for him in the first place. It’s not about PARTY anymore, it’s about HUMAN DECENCY!

I remember how shocked I was when I first moved to Georgia, and visited a small town restaurant, only to hear a couple at a nearby table using the N word to insult our commander in chief. In public. Nobody else spoke up to tell them that was wrong. Maybe that’s my own fault, for not speaking up. The very fact that somebody spoke those words out loud shocked and upset me into silence. I feared for my own life, because I was in rural Georgia, and I’d heard how liberals were quite often treated there, if they’d dared speak up. Shame on this country. Shame on anyone willing to call themselves a Republican anymore. Shame on you all.

Even though I don’t believe in religion or even God anymore, but I do hope divine retribution comes down on all of them, that they call get what they deserve, sooner rather than later. Before everyone sane is wiped out. Who knows, maybe the cockroaches will succeed where humans failed.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused U.S. Customs and Border Protection of having a “violent culture” and questioned how officers treat migrants after a report surfaced Monday about a secret Facebook group where Border Patrol agents purportedly posted graphic and vulgar jokes about the Democratic lawmaker as well as illegal immigrants.

Source: Ocasio-Cortez accuses border officers of ‘violent culture’ after report on graphic Facebook posts

TV isn’t really about to get more expensive, for everyone

I just read an article that claimed TV is about to get way more expensive. But I disagree. Ten years ago, video content providers were happy licensing their content to broadcast TV channels, or pay networks, like HBO or Netflix, because really, that’s all there was.

Then Netflix got really, really popular, viewers started cutting the cord, dumping cable or satellite TV, because nobody feels like cable TV is worth $150 per month. Now, all the TV companies are afraid their broadcast TV properties are losing viewers, and cable company revenues are dropping, because of all the cord cutting, so suddenly they all decided to go it alone, each building their own separate streaming platforms.

For some stupid reason, they seem to think we’ll all be stupid enough to sign up for every one of them, and they’ll all get rich. I’m sure some people will, but I suspect most of us will only choose one or two, and just ignore the others.

And without a common platform, like broadcast TV or newspapers, how exactly will all those independent content creators advertise their new shows? I guarantee you CBS online won’t be showing ads for NBC or ABC streaming shows, They can’t trust viewers word of mouth to advertise your new wares.

I suspect quite a few of the new streaming services will fail to make enough money to stay afloat. Disney says they will only charge $7/month for their new ABC/Disney streaming service, and they bought the last bits of Hulu they didn’t own from NBC, so they’ll have tons of content. And maybe they will, but I suspect that’s just a temporary low price, and after a few years, they’ll be raising that price up to $12-18/month, just like HBO, NBC and CBS plan. And they’ll charge even more if you want the content shown without TV commercials, just like Hulu does now.

My plan is to stick with Netflix and Amazon. Most of the content I watch these days is original content created for those platforms. We never signed up for CBS All Access. I doubt we’ll be convinced to pay CBS or NBC, just for the right to view the latest Law & Order: Timbuktu series, or NCIS: Rural Indiana.

I guess they could end stopping to offer good shows on broadcast TV, abandoning it for greener pastures, but live sports still is the biggest draw on Broadcast TV. Will they try to move all Sports Broadcasts to their isolated little walled gardens? Disney/ESPN does that now, and it still doesn’t get the paid audiences that ABC Broadcast channels do for NFL games. Maybe the NFL will stop licensing it’s content to anyone else, and force all viewers to watching NFL games only on the NFL streaming channel. That definitely increase viewers on that service, but would it be enough to make up for the tens of millions TV Broadcasters are paying right now?

“May we live in interesting times”, right?