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The Best Ever Day

I wanted to write about the best moment ever, I just had. I work an odd shift, okay, 3rd shift, from Thu night thru Mon night. So my two nights off are Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Those days, I tend to fall asleep much earlier than usual. Most nights, I’ll sleep 9:30am-7:30pm, but on my mid-week weekends, it might be 4am-4m, giving me even more time with my wife.

Today, I woke about 3pm, after more than 9 hours sleep. I came to realize I had all six cats on the bed with me. Such a magical moment. The cats were littered about, Sparkle, my tiniest girl, was welcome on my lap, Squeak, my best bud, was close against my left side, Jitter was within arms reach on my right side, with Jinx and Journey curled up between my legs. Of course, Peanut was way off on Kim’s side of the bed, avoiding anything remotely resembling cuddling.

Peanut is kind of a bully!

Yesterday, I witnessed Peanut chase Squeak around and out of the room. Peanut was definitely the aggressor.

Then, today, all three boys are sleeping on the bed together in the spare bedroom. Not touching, but pretty close together. Who knows what Squeak says to the other boys. Maybe he’s sarcastic.

Jinx appears to be aware that he is the heaviest cat in the house, and has been confronting Squeak, and forcing him into rough play.

Source: Jinx is kind of a bully! – Whistl

Troublesome cats

We love our cats, we really do. But every now and then, they do something that makes me shake my head.

This morning, after Kim left for the office, I was reading work email in our upstairs office, when I heard a loud cat meow, over and over. We’re used to this, sometimes a cat darts into the closet, or bathroom when we’re not paying attention, and will get stuck in one. No big deal. This time, Journey was stuck inside the kitchen pantry. Apparently since the previous night, because that was the last time anyone opened it. Silly girl. What really puzzles me is how when I finally started looking for her, she quieted down, instead of letting me echo-locate her. Silly girl.

She’s fine, one night of sleeping on the floor won’t hurt her any, and her missing one meal every now and then probably wouldn’t bother the vet any. She’s got a fairly round belly as it is.

Our Male Cats

Kim and I were talking yesterday about how much she enjoyed my stories about the cats in years past.  How she felt she knew and would recognize each of my cats, even though she never met them.

I decided to document each of the boys here. Our house has three boy cats.  Squeak is the eldest at 5, Peanut about 2-1/2, and Jinx just 1 year old.

Squeak is a domestic short hair (DSH), very long legged, very long and tall cat. He’s white on the bottom, with a black “cape” and spots on his head and tail. His eyes are bright green. The vet claims he’s about 1-2 lbs overweight, at 16.5 lbs, but she admits he hides it well.  He’s a bit nervous around new people, but once you pet him, and he approves you, he’ll be a good friend. Squeak loves to climb up onto my chest right after we climb into bed at night. He’s sometimes move off to my right side, and curl up in the crook of my right arm. He’s a really great guy.

Squeak’s favorite place to spend time is looking at the outside world through any window in the house.  He loves the different views we’ve setup for them – living room, dining room, breakfast area, bedroom, bathroom, office, each has a window and spot where the cats can sit and watch outdoor life.

Peanut is an solid orange DSH, orange eyes, obviously overweight at 17 lbs, but he’s just a classic shape cat, I can’t complain. He’s very friendly with everyone. Peanut is the “coolest” cat on the planet. He’s SO chill, he’ll just lay still on the table when strangers come in, and start to pet him. Sometimes if you stop, or try to walk past him without petting him, he’ll reach out with a paw, and tap you, as if to say “Hey! Did you forget something?” Peanut never spends any time in our bed, ever. He can found sleeping downstairs most of the time, in the living room or breakfast area. He’s known to come upstairs and be everyone’s best friend when either of the cat food bowls has a visible bottom.

Jinx is the white and orange 1 year old domestic long hair cat, almost 15 lbs and growing still. We think he’s got Flame Point Siamese blood in him, because his back and face are changing colors, getting darker orange as he gets old. I believe that the fur getting darker like that is unique to the Siamese breed. He’s also a talker, and a water cat. He comes running whenever you turn on the faucet or shower. When the tub is full, he likes to walk around the edge, and yes, he’s fallen in before.

When Jinx was a kitten, he was almost pure white, with just the faintest hint of orange on his tail and face.  How his back is visibly darker, and his face has large orange spots. His eyes are a beautiful pale blue, and he’s a real lover and sweetheart. He was the first cat to cuddle with our lab/shepherd mix dog, and loves on everyone.

Jinx has a “poking” habit, when he wants to be petted, he’ll stand on his hind legs, and poke you in the side, hands, or butt. If you try to ignore him, he’ll even resort to using a little sharp claw action in his pokes, when can be annoying.

Well, those are our boys.

Prince Jinx



This is my brave boy Jinx, a 14 lb 1 year old cat, who fears nothing, including Mandy, our 50 lb lab mix who loves him.


IMG_2051 IMG_2047

Jinx is starting to frequent my chest in the evenings, as soon as Squeak leaves, that is.  Jinx has no designs to be the king, he’s happy being a prince, or even jester.  He’s a goofy boy, always trying to get into the refrigerator, or dishwasher, or sink, or bathtub.  Anything that involves water, he’s right there with you.

Sorry I’ve haven’t been writing much tech blog stuff here lately.  Life has changed quite a bit in the recent year.  I have a project in mind, though, that I’m hoping to spend some time on.  We’ll see.