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It must be the Anarchist in me

I keep reading about the hardships of the US Government employees recently furlowed by the careless last minute decision by #45 Donald Trump. But I don’t mind suffering through the government hell that will be a 3, 6, 12, or longer, month shutdown of “non-essential services”. I kind of feel like 45% of America voted in favor of this level of chaos, and now they ought to reap what they sow, and let this be a valuable lesson to all those who didn’t make the time to vote. That’s what early voting is all about.

I am worried about the hundreds of thousands with no paycheck, because the President doesn’t want to negotiate a deal. It’s his way, or the highway. Let the toddler have his way. He agreed to an earlier bill, before he heard some far-right wing media critics and changed his mind. The only reason the Senate voted on it was because they had been informed the President agreed to sign it, and kick the can down the road for 3-6 more months. So then he didn’t sign it, he shutdown the government, he refuses to listen to anything that doesn’t include his wall, because he has to win, he has to “build that wall”, because he can’t stand any criticism from his usually friendly far-right-wing media friends, whom he trusts implicitly, without evidence.

Fake News

My favorite tweet in response to the recent Donald Trump claim that California simply needs to spend money to “rake the forest floors” to prevent forest fires was:

“Rake News”

I Voted

Did You? Yeah? So did everybody else, apparently. The lines were long this morning, but everyone seemed respectful and in a good mood. I chatted with one poll worker while waiting to cast my ballot, he said it’s been this busy for weeks, with all the early voting. And SO MANY young voters turning up.

If I wasn’t a natural pessimist, I might hold out a sliver of hope for this country. We’ll see if all the lying and voter suppression has the impact the Trump supporters intended, or not. Luckily I get to go to sleep soon, and wake up around the time all the early election results are getting reported. Even better, I’m off work tonight, so I can watch until the wee hours, in case there are any close races.