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Everyone’s Reaction to the Super Bowl Halftime Show : funny

That was NOT what anyone could describe as an exciting game. It wasn’t even a “good game”. It was painful to watch that first half, and then to watch Tom Brady win a sixth super bowl ring. Woo-friggen hoo.

The commercials were mostly lame, except for the weird but cool cross-over between Bud Light and Game Of Thrones. That one surprised me. Most of the rest were either puzzling or just not at all interesting or memorable.

Everyone’s Reaction to the Super Bowl Halftime Show from funny

That halftime show, though. Whoa, that was pretty bad. When whatsisface of Maroon 5 strips off his shirt and tosses it into the crowd, I turned to Kim and said “It’d be funny if someone tossed it back at his head and yelled ‘Put it back on!'”. I’m not one who appreciates rap music, so I pretty much ignored the rest. Like everyone who frequents Reddit, I was appalled that they teased playing the Spongebob Sweet Victory song, and even played about 10 seconds of the video, before cutting into their own music. Minus 10,000 points for not being hip enough to pick up on the cues.