Everyone’s Reaction to the Super Bowl Halftime Show : funny

That was NOT what anyone could describe as an exciting game. It wasn’t even a “good game”. It was painful to watch that first half, and then to watch Tom Brady win a sixth super bowl ring. Woo-friggen hoo.

The commercials were mostly lame, except for the weird but cool cross-over between Bud Light and Game Of Thrones. That one surprised me. Most of the rest were either puzzling or just not at all interesting or memorable.

Everyone’s Reaction to the Super Bowl Halftime Show from funny

That halftime show, though. Whoa, that was pretty bad. When whatsisface of Maroon 5 strips off his shirt and tosses it into the crowd, I turned to Kim and said “It’d be funny if someone tossed it back at his head and yelled ‘Put it back on!'”. I’m not one who appreciates rap music, so I pretty much ignored the rest. Like everyone who frequents Reddit, I was appalled that they teased playing the Spongebob Sweet Victory song, and even played about 10 seconds of the video, before cutting into their own music. Minus 10,000 points for not being hip enough to pick up on the cues.

Weird Ubuntu 18.04 Video Problem

When I got to work Thursday night, I was unable to boot my Ubuntu laptop normally. It’d get the encrypted disk unlocked, start to boot, and the screens would all go completely black. I’m not sure if it was a display driver, or what, but it was only a problem when I plugged in the thunderbolt docking station which connects to the two external monitors and network.

I got by for a while just using my laptop with a single screen, but my co-worker told me that the previous night, his Ubuntu 18.04 host developed the same problem. After much trial and error, he learned that installing Kubuntu, which uses the KDE window manager, instead of Gnome, seemed to fix it.

So, I tried that. I installed the Kubuntu packages, switched to KDE, and it works. I can connect the docking station again, and everything works better. Later on, I went to the rest room, after locking my laptop. When I got back, all the screens were black, and I couldn’t wake it. I had to power cycle to recover. So, the problem still exists, but not at login time, it’s at screen lock time.

Sigh. I watched a youtube video with english subtitles explaining how to resolve the video issue by modifying the grub boot manager config file and adding a new option to boot Linux.

The Cost of The Cloud

Today, I got email from Amazon Web Services, because it’s time to pay for my cloud usage. The grand total? $4.90, but best of all – that’s for the past two months service. So, my single VM costs under $3 per month. My old Hostmonster web site plus email service used to cost $20 per month. Huge win!

Just checked the Backblaze B2 cloud storage I use for disk backups. That adds an additional 70 cents per month to my bill. Horrors!

Honestly, life is pretty good right now. Wife is good. Animals are good. Work is good. Still have all the usual things to complain about. My foot still hurts a lot. Car windshield is coming up on the two year anniversary of developing a long crack. Time for another oil change appointment. Sigh.

I’ve been looking into setting up my own FreePBX telephone switch. I feel like I’m way late to the game, learning about telephone systems in 2019, but it’s all just so interesting! I would like to subscribe to an inexpensive SIP service so we can reach the international telephone system. I figure SIP clients on our cell phones and laptops would make communication easier and much more secure.

Its Fucking Depressing

Working third shift sucks, when your wife works first shift. We had a long run when both of us worked 1st. But now I work third, on my days off, especially now, I’m bored beyond belief.

I[m on this weird Thursday thru Monday schedule, so my two senior teammates can keep their regular Sun-Thu and Tue-Sat schedules. It’s just easier if I shift from Sun-Thu to Thu-Mon until we get a fourth Sr Linux Admin on our shift.